Kamalei Preschool (from 3 years to 5 years)

Our Preschool learning environment reflects a home like environment that is warm, loving and welcoming. We consider children as capable builders of their own knowledge and the adults are facilitators, educators and co-learners. Children and educators together engage in collaborative decision making about the curriculum. Children are free to explore a range of experiences provided each day.

At Kamalei we believe social and emotional development underpins and provides the foundation for each child’s future learning. Our preschool curriculum places a strong emphasis in developing these two areas. Our environment is set up by the educators to foster children’s communication, cooperation, negotiation, sharing and turn taking skills.

Studies have found that school teachers value social and emotional competence the most important of a child’s development. The curriculum allows learning the appreciation of one’s self as well as others. Experiences such as music and movement as well as art provides opportunities to respect others choices and creations as well as self expression.

We promote self help skills, routine learning and coping with transitions. Some other skills we promote and see as vital for children to learn to deal with at school are:

  • using the toilet unassisted
  • dress and undress themselves independently
  • unpack own lunch box and drink from a drink bottle… and not eat everything at once
  • participate in play
  • approaching other children in positive ways
  • show an interest in others
  • express needs and wants
  • conflict resolution
  • express emotions
  • take turns
  • follow and understand directions and rules
  • participate in complex conversations

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