About Us

Here at Kamalei we welcome each child (Mum and Dad too) into our Kamalei family, helping to make your transition into early education and care as smooth as possible. Both of our services are committed to ensuring your child receives the highest quality opportunities for development and learning while apart of the Kamalei family.

We are proud of our achievements of having received and ‘Exceeding’ rating for both our services, when assessed by the NSW regulatory Authority in 2017.

Our educators are qualified and dedicated to providing the best quality early education and care for all the children at Kamalei. We also have the pleasure of mentoring trainees and students on professional placement.

Our Philosophy

We recognise that all children are different and embrace this individuality by recording observations, documentation and educational records in order to program according to each child’s interests and learning opportunities. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all children regardless of gender, ability, race or religious background and recognise the importance of role modeling positive attitudes and respect for all cultures.

We believe in providing a home like environment that is warm, loving and welcoming. We know that ‘play is a child’s work’ and therefore we strive to provide a curriculum that allows children to develop to their fullest potential. We encourage children to be a part of the decision making for the curriculum. We recognise the importance of providing opportunities for children to explore, manipulate, experiment, interact, imitate, create, problem solve, negotiate and reason based on their own interests and capabilities. We believe that it is vital that the early childhood curriculum is responsive to economic and technological changes. We will work to engage children in a rapidly changing world.

We believe we have the opportunity to set our next generation on a beneficial path of good health, nutrition, thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning.

We believe in staff and parents building supportive relationship and recognise the importance of the family in the development of children. We encourage parents and families to become actively involved in the centre, wherever possible. We believe in having an open door policy and encourage parents to share dreams, concerns, ideas, culture and experiences.

We believe in providing children with natural open-ended products as much and where ever possible, in order to stimulate their natural curiosity, imagination and discovery of all the senses. We believe in offering children the ‘real thing’ encouraging the children to be careful (cause and effect/self control) learning valuable life skills.

We also believe in recycling and using recyclables as much as possible, and teaching the children about basic sustainability and to care for our environment, by way of re-using items, growing our own vegetables, minimizing waste and using a rain water tank. We want your time with us at Kamalei Children’s Centre to be remembered for being positive, having fun and for providing highest quality care possible.

Preschool (from 3 years to 5 years)

Our Preschool learning environment reflects a home like environment that is warm, loving and welcoming. We consider children as capable builders of their own knowledge and the adults are facilitators, educators and co-learners. Children and educators together engage in collaborative decision making about the curriculum. Children are free to explore a range of experiences provided each day.

Address: 7 Centennial Road, Bowral NSW 2576

Phone: 02 4862 4439

Email: [email protected]